Tina Byles Williams

CEO and CIO | Founder of FIS Group

Ms. Byles Williams serves as chair of the firm’s Investment Committee and oversees all investment strategy, manager search, and disposition decisions. She is lead portfolio manager for the firm and a voting member of the Investment Committee. Ms. Byles Williams has been involved in structuring entrepreneurial manager programs since the early 1980s. She served eight years with a number of Philadelphia public pension systems, including as CIO of the City of Philadelphia Board of Pensions. Ms. Byles Williams serves on the boards of ICMA Retirement Corporation and the National Women’s Business Council, a federal advisory council created to serve as an independent source of advice to the President, Congress and U.S. Small Business Administration on economic issues of importance to women business owners. She is the former chair of the council’s Research Committee.

New York University, BA, economics; Harvard University, MPP, finance

Why I work at FIS Group

I started FIS Group to bring the performance advantage of smaller investment management strategies to the benefit of pension plans and other institutional investors

What makes FIS Group different

We provide access to top-tier, undiscovered entrepreneurial managers and enhance investment returns through proprietary macro-driven tactical allocation

Heroes and influences

Nelson Mandela for his strength, courage, and contributions to peace and justice. Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio for his no-holds barred insistence on truth and robust and relevant investment research in search of truth. Mother Teresa, for her humility, love, and compassion; and her candor about her struggle to remain faithful.

If I weren’t in investments

I would be working to stop the global trafficking and abuse of girls

The big issues

Three trends that are inherently destabilizing: 1, the inexorable geopolitical power shift from a unipolar model dominated by the U.S. to multi-polar blocks of power with often conflicting interests; 2, increasing wealth and opportunity disparity globally; and 3, rising standards of living in the emerging world which will change the historical paradigm of emerging economies being producers for advanced economy consumption to a major end use customer for goods, services as well as scarce natural resources. All present both significant challenges and opportunities

On a deserted island

Music: Bob Marley, Violinist Nicola Benedetti (Tchaikovsky & Bruch: Violin Concertos), and Buena Vista Social Club.

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Tina Byles WIlliams

Tina Byles WIlliams

CEO and CIO | Founder of FIS Group