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Q3 Market Outlook: A Late 2019 Performance Pivot to Non-US Markets?

Despite a rocky mid-point, precipitated by the infamous "tweet heard around the world" on May 5th, when President Trump once again pivoted to a more bellicose stance in the trade war with China, global equities eked out a solid gain of 3.6% during 02. Coincidentally,...

About Global Market Outlook Reports

Our CIO, Tina Byles Williams, publishes our market outlook on a quarterly basis, based on research that examines market conditions over a three- to six-month period. These quarterly analyses serve as key inputs to our fund construction process, which incorporates strategic tilts to the market segments we believe will outperform over a six- to 12-month time frame. For global equity portfolios, these tilts incorporate regional, sector, and capitalization strata as well as investment process and style factors. For U.S. equity portfolios, tilts include sector, capitalization strata, investment process, and/or style factors.

Our objective is to construct a portfolio of “best in class” investments with weightings consistent with our overall investment strategy.

FIS Group Global Market Outlook Reports

2018 Outlook for Frontier Markets

The 2018 frontier markets outlook provides predictions for frontier markets in the year ahead, including Argentina, Vietnam, frontier Europe, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. Frontier markets surged in 2017, mostly driven by a PE re-rating in the market.We...

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Q1 2018 Market Outlook

Market Outlook As we turn the page to 2018, there are a few obvious clouds on the horizon for the world economy; however, we expect 2018 to be a transition year. Stretched valuations and extremely low volatility imply that risk assets are vulnerable to the...

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Q4 2017 Market Outlook

Market Outlook Our Q4 Market Outlook includes: A recap of Q3 global equity markets, and why we think the "Goldilocks" environment will continue to fuel pricing into mid-2018 The key risks to the global bull market going into 2018 that we think call for...

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Q3 2017: Full Steam Ahead

Market Outlook | Papers Article Summary As global equity markets continue their rise, here is  our Q3 Market Outlook report "Full Steam Ahead". This issue includes: The Q2 global equity market recap FIS Group's global country and sector positioning for Q3,...

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Q2 2017: Reality “Trumps” the Reflation Trade

Market Outlook Article Summary Our 2Q Market Outlook "Reality "Trumps" the Reflation Trade," evaluates the recent retreat in risk assets, trends in global equities, the impact of a strong U.S. dollar, and continued political uncertainty under the Trump Administration....

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Big Winners in the Neglected Frontier Universe

Our Q1 2017 Global Market Outlook, Who Knows? Navigating the Known Knowns and Underappreciated Knowns In Current Market Consensus, examines vulnerabilities in the bullish consensus narrative underpinning global equity markets. The key vulnerabilities discussed are U.S. dollar appreciation, elevated U.S. Small Cap valuations, questionable assumptions behind the bullish narrative on EM equities, as well as gathering geopolitical risks.

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Market Insights Alert

Papers: FIS Group Proprietary Research

Whither the GEM manager?

The global integration of Chinese equity markets portend a significant structural transformation in the way allocators and managers approach global emerging markets investing over the next five years. In this next Market Insight Alert, we look at: The future...

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Momentum: Beware of the Double-Edged Sword

This paper analyzes situations where momentum can be either a significant tailwind or exacerbate risks and undermine portfolio diversification. The Special Report looks at historical data and focuses on four key points.

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Beyond Brexit

Last night’s Brexit vote reiterated just how out of touch financial and political elites in the UK are with the mass population. Fears of similar class polarization now cast their gaze on the recent rise of similar isolationist political movements elsewhere in Europe...

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A Short Note On Brazil’S House Of Cards

Brazilians are famous (or at least stereotyped) for their supposedly laid back “tropical” attitude towards life. Generations of foreign visitors smitten by the profound beauty and docility of Brazil’s natural landscape have marveled at “the Brazilian way” (o jeitinho brasileiro) of managing what to outsiders appears to be a relaxed, happy-go-lucky life amid structural chaos, bureaucratic ineptitude, and economic disarray. The old and famous Brazilian joke cited above pokes fun at these seeming contradictions.

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Videos And Webinars

Market Outlook and Research Webinars

View Q4, 2014 Webinar

Tina Byles Williams, CEO/CIO of FIS Group leads a wide-ranging discussion on FIS Group’s view of geopolitical, demographic and macroeconomic trends shaping risk and investable opportunities for institutional investors.
The panel moderator Sam Austin, III, SVP Director of Marketing and Client Service (FIS Group) and Ms. Byles Williams conducted this discussion as a part of FIS Group’s third annual Investment Symposium. The event was held on September 26, 2014 in Philadelphia.
FIS Group, Inc. is an 20-year old Philadelphia based institutional asset management firm that focuses on investing in long-only global and international equity strategies.

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