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Q3 Market Outlook: A Late 2019 Performance Pivot to Non-US Markets?

Despite a rocky mid-point, precipitated by the infamous "tweet heard around the world" on May 5th, when President Trump once again pivoted to a more bellicose stance in the trade war with China, global equities eked out a solid gain of 3.6% during 02. Coincidentally,...

About Global Market Outlook Reports

Our CIO, Tina Byles Williams, publishes our market outlook on a quarterly basis, based on research that examines market conditions over a three- to six-month period. These quarterly analyses serve as key inputs to our fund construction process, which incorporates strategic tilts to the market segments we believe will outperform over a six- to 12-month time frame. For global equity portfolios, these tilts incorporate regional, sector, and capitalization strata as well as investment process and style factors. For U.S. equity portfolios, tilts include sector, capitalization strata, investment process, and/or style factors.

Our objective is to construct a portfolio of “best in class” investments with weightings consistent with our overall investment strategy.

FIS Group Global Market Outlook Reports

MARKET OUTLOOK Q2 2019 – Late Cycle Rally on Borrowed Time

Although global growth declined in Q1, as anticipated in our Q1 2019 Outlook, risk assets continued their December 2018 romp as a result of an apparent de-escalation of U.S.-Sino trade tensions and a decidedly dovish pivot by G10 Central banks (See Table One). Some US...

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2019 Outlook for Frontier Markets

Frontier markets slumped in line with other non-dollar denominated markets in 2018; though outside of Argentina, frontier markets as a whole outperformed even the U.S. market. In our annual outlook we first look back to grade our calls from last year (spoiler: very...

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Q4 Market Outlook: From A Trade War To A Cold War?

Following the imposition of a second round of tariffs on Chinese goods and China's concomitant imposition of retaliatory tariffs, we are - by nearly any reasonable definition of a trade war - in the heart of one at this time. There is good reason to be concerned for...

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Q3 Market Outlook – A Final Melt-Up

At its half-way mark, 2018 has been a tough year to make money. Investors have lost money on US investment grade bonds, on emerging debt, on US Treasuries, on European bonds, and on pretty much every major global equity market. Towards the end of the second quarter,...

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Whipsaws and Other Tradable Goods – Q2 2018 Market Outlook

So far, three of the four main themes for 2018 that we shared in January's report - more aggressive Fed rate hikes, mean reversion of low vol, and geopolitical risks from Trump's foreign and trade policy - appear on track and our Q1 positioning was accretive. On our...

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Papers: FIS Group Proprietary Research

Why the 1970s and early 1980s style stagflation are unlikely today

The three preconditions that led to the stagflation period of the 1970s are less likely today.  But the relationship between trade disruptions and growth could catalyze a global recession and the relationship between oil prices and inflation expectations could abort the easy monetary policy which current asset prices discount.

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Videos And Webinars

Market Outlook and Research Webinars

Video | Reality “Trumps” the Reflation Trade

Video and Webinar | Outlook Our Q2 Market Outlook evaluates the recent retreat in risk assets, trends in global equities, the impact of a strong U.S. dollar, and continued political uncertainty under the Trump Administration. Key points include: Policy expectations...

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Video | Big Winners in the Neglected Frontier Universe

Video And Webinar | Outlook Our 2017 outlook for frontier markets, "Big Winners in the Neglected Frontier Universe", concludes that frontier markets remain attractively priced, with much lower valuations, relative to developed markets. "We remain bullish on Argentina,...

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