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The Hidden Risk in a Portfolio: Crowded Trades

FORESIGHT | FIS VIEWS Crowded trade risks, while often unappreciated by investors, can be real and significant. They can be viewed as a byproduct of the immense proliferation of index and index-like products. While these products meet important investor needs, their...

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Chinese Tech Stocks – Is the Party Over?

FORESIGHT | FIS VIEWS ‘Chinese Tech Stocks – Is the Party Over?’  discusses whether the boom in Chinese tech stocks will last. In 2017, Chinese tech stocks soared, essentially doubling in value during the year and outperforming the MSCI Emerging Markets...

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Macroeconomic Growth Drivers Through a Demographic Lens

FORESIGHT | FIS VIEWS In this issue, we discuss what may be the key to predicting the future of the world’s developed and developing economies: the intersection of demographics and technology. We hope our commentary will ignite further conversation around...

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A World without America?

FORESIGHT | FIS VIEWS We are pleased to present the next ForeSights, A World Without America?, which uses a historical framework to evaluate the impact of a more insular, America First foreign policy. The investment implications of this journey will...

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Irrational Exuberance Versus Stocks for the Long Run

FORESIGHT | FIS VIEWS Good investors put a lot of thought into their decisions as investment management is a cerebral endeavor. They think not just about specific trades or positions, but about the markets at large and the world in which they reside. As an investment...

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As a busy investment professional, we appreciate that you have limited time to read/absorb the plethora of information (even when insightful) that comes across the transom. Yet at the end of the day, our investment acumen is sharpened and the framework which informs it can be substantially broadened by quality and diverse ideas. In an effort to balance these two realities, we are pleased to introduce our fortnightly opinion piece, entitled Foresights.

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