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“It is impossible to produce a superior performance
unless you do something different from the majority”

Sir John Templeton


From A Trade War To A Cold War?

2018 Q4 Market Outlook


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FIS Group is an investment management firm that provides customized manager of managers investment solutions for institutional investors.

For 23 years, we have delivered risk-adjusted returns by conquering the complexity of identifying high skill, high active share entrepreneurial managers that have gone largely undiscovered by the institutional investor community.

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Après moi, le déluge

A Late Cycle Rally as Part of a Protracted Market Topping Process. Each year we begin our Q1 market outlook by holding ourselves to account for the results of the previous year’s macro strategy calls. We then give a detailed overview of what we see as the chief headwinds and tailwinds for risk assets in the coming year. Our acquisition of Piedmont Investment Advisors last year, an investment management company that offers both equity and fixed income solutions, gives us the resources to provide a more detailed outlook on global bond markets. Look for our insights across global capital markets in our future quarterly reports. We also provide an overview of the potential risks (some perhaps underappreciated) that could be presented by diminishing USD liquidity. And finally, we share 2019’s risk assessment and portfolio positioning, by region/country, sector and factor.

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FIS Group Ecosystem

Creating opportunities for new investment managers by providing access to the following:

  • Private investors
  • Industry best practices
  • Our preferred vendor platform

In addition, our services  are provided at no cost to managers.

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Q3 Market Outlook – A Final Melt-Up

Market Outlook At its half-way mark, 2018 has been a tough year to make money. Investors have lost money on US investment grade bonds, on emerging debt, on US Treasuries, on European bonds, and on pretty much every major global equity market. Towards the end of the...

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