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FIS Group

Company Profile

FIS Group, Inc. is an asset management and investment advisory firm that seeks to generate alpha for its clients by investing in domestic and global equities. Founded in 1996, FIS Group specializes in offering emerging manager strategies to institutional clients. The firm’s products can be customized to suit specific client needs or mandates.

With over $4 billion of assets under management and investment advisory assets as of December 31, 20131, FIS Group strives to provide its clients with investment strategies that assist them in retaining and building upon their current asset bases. FIS Group’s strategies are constructed to navigate through both domestic and global markets as well as targeted sectors with the goal of outperforming the relevant product benchmark. To implement its strategies, FIS Group carefully screens entrepreneurial firms through its manager review process which has evolved and been refined over the last 17 years. The selected entrepreneurial firms have proven track records of outperforming the market and their peers, and we believe they have the ability to achieve greater levels of alpha than their larger counterparts. FIS Group can also tailor its client portfolios to maximize the probability that desired manager selection criteria, client risk and performance characteristics can be met while still focusing on providing consistent above benchmark performance.


Born out of the vision of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Tina Byles Williams, FIS Group’s mission is to provide innovative and effective solutions for enhancing the wealth of our clients, implemented by highly motivated and skilled investment professionals; to exemplify high ethical standards and excellence in all that we endeavor; and to improve our communities.

1Assets under management (“AUM”) are assets for which FIS Group has full discretion to hire and terminate sub-managers ($4.4 bn as of 12/31/13). Additionally, the firm’s AUM includes directly managed non-fee paying assets of $2.04mm as of 12/31/13. Investment advisory assets are all assets for which FIS Group has less than full discretion to hire or terminate sub-managers, but provides portfolio construction, manager recommendations and performance reporting ($121 mm as of 12/31/13).

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